Birth Story | Cooper

What is most important to you that I capture? The love and sheer excitement of Jeffrey meeting his son. It’s important for me as well meeting him. The expressions we have meeting him, knowing him, loving him. Loving each other. The leading up to it. The aftermath of birth and people meeting him. Jeff’s touches on me as he soothes. I want the love that will be in the room.

What thoughts or feelings have come up during this pregnancy? Scared, stress, overwhelming, humbleness at this journey and experience. So many different things have come up.

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your new baby?Meeting the new man God knew me and Jeffrey needed in our lives. Getting to touch him and kiss his cheeks. Watching our parents and friends swoon over him.

“We have yet to come up with words to explain Rebecca. She’s so full of love and compassion for the people she works with. She doesn’t treat you like a client, she treats you like family and has so much love for you and your family. From maternity to our birth, to newborn, she’s done an outstanding job of making you feel comfortable and happy. Especially when the birth you’re going for takes a turn quickly and dramatically, she’s quick to capture no matter the circumstances. If you need someone, I can’t recommend anyone better. Every photo, every moment has been utterly perfect.”

Birth of CJA color-101Birth of CJA color-1Birth of CJA color-2Birth of CJA color-7Birth of CJA color-4Birth of CJA color-9Birth of CJA color-10Birth of CJA color-18Birth of CJA color-20Birth of CJA color-22Birth of CJA color-24Birth of CJA color-35Birth of CJA-117Birth of CJA color-55Birth of CJA color-38Birth of CJA color-43Birth of CJA color-58Birth of CJA color-60Birth of CJA-92Birth of CJA color-67Birth of CJA color-69Birth of CJA color-73Birth of CJA color-88Birth of CJA-139Birth of CJA-134Birth of CJA color-90Birth of CJA color-92Birth of CJA color-95Birth of CJA color-100

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